At Worldsites, we love to highlight different websites that we love from around the world. It’s interesting to us that there is such a wide variety of platforms, like WordPress, Squarespace and Wix. There’s also a ton of different styles from informational, non-responsive, responsive and the like.

The different types and styles of the sites of this world are pretty amazing. Each site has its own unique properties and qualities. What we think is amazing is when people tell you, this is the “formula” or “process” to make a perfect site. That’s garbage. Yes there are rules to the game but all in all, it really doesn’t  mean your site is bad, it’s just someone’s opinion.


Google is the premiere audience for any website so it’s really important that we play by their rules. Rules that Google set, some argue it’s not the internet (I would beg to differ) and you will find that playing by their rules helps.